Elliott’s Tune

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Six-year-old Elliott sat down at the piano and started improvising on black keys when she arrived for her lesson. She was doing it so musically, I suggested we turn on the recorder and make up a duet together.

Photo of Elliott

I really liked what she came up with, so I asked Elliott and her mom if I could notate the piece and share it. They happily agreed, and I’ve now taught it to quite a few young students. If you teach young beginners, maybe you’ll enjoy using it too.


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I made a few edits to Elliott’s original improvisation, primarily to simplify it; but I left it mostly as she played it. I also added a repeat, asking the student to do a black-key improvisation for a second verse, then play up an octave the third time. Here’s a recording demonstrating that form of the piece.

3 reviews for Elliott’s Tune

  1. Edna J Bloom

    Thank you Elliott and Daniel for the beautiful music and demonstration video. I’m looking forward to hearing what my students will improvise in the middle.

  2. Susan Byrd Toczylowski

    Daniel, you amaze me…still.

  3. Donna

    Review for Elliott’s Tune (Studio License)

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