Elliott’s Tune (Studio License)

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Six-year-old Elliott sat down at the piano and started improvising when she arrived for her lesson. She was doing it so musically, I suggested we turn on the camera and make up a duet together.

“Use black keys,” I told her. (See the video from her lesson below.)

I liked her tune so much, I decided to notate and share it (with permission from Elliott and her mom). I made a few edits, primarily to simplify the hand crossing, but mostly left it as she improvised it.

We played it only once in the video, but in creating the notation, I suggested playing it with two repeats, encouraging the student to improvise on black keys for the second verse, then playing it up an octave the third time. The audio file below includes a sample improvisation on the first repeat.



2 reviews for Elliott’s Tune (Studio License)

  1. Donna

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  2. Susan Byrd Toczylowski

    Daniel, you amaze me…still.

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