Daniel Light

Pianist, Teacher, Arranger, Composer

Collaborative Playing

In my studio, summer is a great time to let students work on collaborative projects. Schedules tend to be lighter, and we don’t have the pressure of recitals or adjudications lurking just around the corner.   When I know one of my piano students also plays another...

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On Fostering Creativity

"I want to work on song writing in my piano lessons this summer," Dylan said. "Okay, get some lyrics written for your first summer lesson and we'll get started," I responded. I love the opening lyric of the piece she worked on this week: "I play piano for a crowd, and...

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Say Yes to Silly

​"If I had a third arm, I could play this duet all by myself," Annie commented after learning both parts of a duet in her Piano Safari book. "But it's so hard to find clothes when you have a third arm," I​ replied. "I know!" she responded. "I used to have one, but it...

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On Being Flexible

"I hate that piece!" Patrick responded after hearing Simple Gifts, the next piece in his method book. "It's all sweet and cheerful. Yuck!"  He had just finished learning two pieces from Diane Hidy's set titled Mean Little Monsters, and he loved those. I wasn't...

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Halloween Lessons

Do you teach on Halloween, or do you take the day off, knowing your younger students will want to spend the evening trick-or-treating? I've always kept Halloween as a normal teaching day, but I encourage students to wear their costumes to piano lessons....

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