Daniel Light

Pianist, Teacher, Arranger, Composer

The Scheduling Puzzle

Are you stressing over setting up your fall teaching schedule? It’s that dreaded time of year, and I've witnessed many teachers expressing frustration with this process lately. We’re grateful for all our students, of course; and having enough of them to...

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"Hey, Mr. Light!" I heard a voice yelling in the distance. I was waiting for a traffic light at a busy intersection. My car window was down. It was a gorgeous day. The voice came from somewhere off to my left. I scanned the streetscape for several seconds...

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It Takes a Village

"I'm struggling to inspire your son to practice," I confided in the father at our end-of-year parent conference. I was putting a lot of time and effort into finding music the student would like, but practice was minimal and progress was limited. "Do we...

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