Since I work both as a piano teacher and as a church musician, I enjoy the challenge of composing music that I can use at both jobs. I think the piece I’ve used the most in that way would be my Nocturne in B-flat Major. I’ve had many students learn it. It’s appeared on numerous recitals. I’ve played it for church services during communion. I’ve played it at memorial services and even as prelude music for weddings.

It’s an excellent piece for introducing intermediate students to a 3 against 2 polyrhythm. The 3 against 2 pattern happens six times in the first five measures and a total of 16 times in the entire two-page piece, so students get lots of practice with it.

The largest hand span is a 7th, so it’s also a good piece for students who can’t yet span an octave.

If you haven’t used this piece, I hope you’ll give it a listen and consider it for your students or for your own playing. It’s a great piece for spring recitals.

The piece is available here with either a studio license (so that it can be used with any students you personally teach) or with a single-user-license. I also offer it bundled with my Nocturne in E Major at a reduced price.