“That clock is driving me crazy!”

Cedric had his hands perched on the keyboard. He was about to rehearse his recital piece. He had it memorized. The recital was just days away.

In that quiet moment of preparation, the battery-operated clock on the wall seemed to be ticking very loudly, and its 60-beats-per-minute tick was not even close to the tempo of Cedric’s piece.

“You just have shut it out,” I told him. “There will be noises at the recital you have to shut out, too.”

He rolled his eyes.

Soon after that, I noticed that I was hearing the ticking clock on all the recordings I made in the studio too. It was time to make a change. One Amazon search later, and I discovered that silent, battery-operated clocks are actually a thing. You might be thinking, “How could you not have known that?” Fair question. I had the same thought.

Here’s the one I got, and it is absolutely silent. I love it. Unfortunately, I didn’t buy it until after Cedric graduated. Sorry, Cedric.

So I post this little story to encourage you to get rid of annoying tick tocks if they’re happening in your studio too. It was such an easy fix.