Terms of Service

I could fill this page with paragraphs of legal speak that no one would ever read, but . . . nah. Just be a good human.

If you buy my music, use it as licensed. A single user license means you can use the piece for one individual only. If you want to use it with a second student, buy another copy.

If you purchase a piece with a studio license you may use it with as many students as your personally teach. (In a multi-teacher studio, my music must not be shared among teachers.)

When you purchase music here, your payment information must obviously be transmitted to the payment processor–either PayPal or Stripe. You get to choose which. They provide the code to make that happen, and I trust they are doing it as securely as possible. If someone hacks their code, you can’t hold me liable. Your payment information is never visible to me and it is never saved on any of my equipment. It goes straight to PayPal or Stripe.