Daniel Light

Pianist, Teacher, Arranger, Composer

All scores are digital downloads in the form of pdf files, available for download immediately upon purchasing. 


"Hey, Mr. Light!" I heard a voice yelling in the distance. I was waiting for a traffic light at a busy intersection. My car window was down. It was a gorgeous day. The voice came from somewhere off to my left. I scanned the streetscape for several seconds...

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It Takes a Village

"I'm struggling to inspire your son to practice," I confided in the father at our end-of-year parent conference. I was putting a lot of time and effort into finding music the student would like, but practice was minimal and progress was limited. "Do we...

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A Gummy Fiasco

I'm a grown man who just drove to Kroger for the sole purpose of buying . . . gummy bears. After midnight. Drove to Kroger. Two blocks away. Didn't even walk. (There might be hooligans!) Grown man. Gray hair. Gummy bears. I blame my friend, Chris, whose...

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