Sometimes It’s the Little Things

Sometimes It’s the Little Things

I know it’s happened to you too. You’re midway through the end-of-year piano recital when the six-year-old student on the front row decides to entertain himself by swishing the paper program in front of his face, making all kinds of noise and distracting everyone around him, including the pianist trying to perform. When that stops, he decides to make a paper airplane out of the program. Oy. The noise continues.

Our studio recitals typically last about 40 minutes, and that can be a long time to sit for a small child, so I completely understand.

I could let the students sit with their parents, but there’s something special about having them all sit together in front of the parents in the order they will perform. It helps the youngsters know when it’s their turn to play, and I think they actually relish that little bit of independence from mom and dad.

So, I tried something new for our spring recitals this past weekend. I printed the students’ programs on cardstock.

Problem solved. No paper swishing sounds. No paper airplanes. No crumpled pages. Why didn’t I think of this sooner?

The solution was such a little thing, but it made a big difference.